Limousine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Patriot Limousine and Shuttle Transportation Service in Sarasota, Florida. Contact us Today.

Q? Can reserve a limousine in another city through Patriot Limousine?

A. YES! Patriot Limousine and Sedan has numerous fleet in many cities across the United States. Currently we are 450 cities Nationwide.

Q? How far in advance should I reserve my limousine?

A. The rule of thumb is 2 weeks. This will allow you to pick and choose the perfect limousine for your event. However there are 2 times a year that are very hard to get a limousine and you should book farther in advance. Prom and Homecoming Season is very busy. If your event falls during either of those times you should book as soon as you can. Also scan events to look for anything special going on within the same day as your event. If there is a Superbowl or a huge convention, this may make getting a limousine a little harder if you don’t reserve early.

Q? Can I drink in a vehicle other than a stretch limousine?

A. Short answer is no. The reason why is a limousine has a partition that separates any passenger that would be drinking from the operating area of the vehicle. Any other vehicle does not have that capability, therefore negates the possibility of drinking inside any other type of limousine.

Q? How many hours ahead should I schedule my pick up to the airport?

A. There are 2 types of departures that make a big difference. Domestic and International flights have different rules. Lets say your flight takes off at 1pm. You will board at 12:30pm. In domestic travel you should be at the airport getting your boarding pass 1 hour before boarding so that makes is 11:30am. Now add the time it will take you to get to the airport, and that is your departure time. In this case usually 10:30am is the time your limousine should arrive to pick you up for the airport. In international travel, add at least 1 hour due to customs and security check.

Q? How do I know what limousine is best for my event?

A. When choosing a limousine we have many choices for each type of event. The best way to peruse our fleet pictures, but also ask a lot questions before setting up the reservation. In the instance of a wedding, if the dress is white then a black limousine will make it stand out even more in pictures. However if the dress is blue, then maybe a white limousine is the what will make that dress really pop in the pictures.

Q? Can I rent a limousine just for the time that I am actually in the vehicle?

A. The way to think about it is just like a hotel room. When you rent a hotel room you reserve the space for the entire time you need to use it. A limousine is the same way. If you have an event that would cause you to go to multiple locations, the renting the limousine for the entire time allows you to use the vehicle anyway you need and provide flexibility within your event.

Q? When getting picked up at the airport, can the driver meet me on the curb?

A. The option to either pick up on the curb, or inside baggage is the option to the client. Please remember to let the person taking your reservation what your preference is.